Training and well-being in the workplace

Whether or not your employees have access to fitness facilities at work, TO Fitness has a variety of services available!

Bootcamp / Boxe Fitness

Workout sequence of high intensity exercises performed in rotation with short rest intervals. Interval training helps to increase your cardio.

Private and semi-private training

Invest in your health and get the motivation that you need to surpass your goals

Our motto

Motivating you to improve your health through exercice.

TO Fitness is specialises in health, motivation and fitness in your working environment.

Our goal:

Bring out the champion in you!

Whether you’re just starting to get in shape or you exercise every day, GT fitness has a program suited to your needs. So you can be successful at reaching and even surpassing your fitness goals. We welcome you at the level your are and walk with you to the next one.

Come push your limits with other people who, like you, value their health and wellbeing and want to have fun while working out in a respectful environment.

Our services

Training and outdoor classes

Wellness in the workplace

Indoor or outdoor training for your employees!Learn more


Workout sequence of high intensity exercises performed in rotation with short rest intervals.Learn more

Boxe Fitness

Good way to achieve your goals through contactless boxing workouts.Learn more

Private and semi-private training

60 minute, one-on-one workout sessions with a coach who adapts a fitness program to meet your goals and physical capacity.Learn more

Fitness level assessment

Would you like to monitor your fitness progression more closely? Then ask a coach for your fitness level assessment.Learn more

"Dynamic and extremely motivating, it's an environment that allows me to step outside of my confort zone!"

Marie Geffrard

"In a motivational atmosphere, the only choice you have, is to perform... Engaging in an outdoor TO fitness training is super fun!"

Ralph G.V.

"In an open park, where all training materials are installed. The trainers are always attentive and ready to suggestion alternatives excercises."

Isabella Tiberio

"Whether it's rain or shine, the coaches are always motivating, high fiving you after excercise. Finally a training that makes you feel like Family and encourages you to return!"

Diane Guay